Luminosity Reach LMS
In conjunction with integrating new branding into the learning management system (LMS), we overhauled the entire experience to streamline the usability of the application, allowing users to spend more time using the features, and less time navigating the LMS.
done while employed by CM Group LTD
A Drink For
the Kids
UI, UX, Print Design, Dev
The Vera Project asked
me to produce their ‘A Drink for the Kids’ campaign. I created a myriad of deliverables including posters, coasters, web and print ads and a minisite to drive more awareness and participation in the week long fundraising event.
Chad Lundberg © 2012
Guide to Metro Design
IA, UX, UI, Instructional Design
I was asked by to create an iPad specific eLearning app based on the platform already used by CM Group. In addition, I wrote and designed a course to highlight the functionality of the app and for use as internal training on Microsoft's old design language, code name Metro.
done while employed by CM Group LTD
Beijing Olympics BC Canada House
Print Design, Production, Art Direction, Environmental Design
Utilizing a wide range of mediums, our talented team created a 10,000 + square foot experience showcasing the benefits of British Columbia and all that it has to offer and told through the five Chinese elements.
done while employed by Orca Creative
MS Document Interop Initiative
IA, UX, UI, Front-end Dev
The Interop team was looking to revamp their uninspired static page. I created a completely scalable site that utilized the core legal transparency of the group to create a more enjoyable user experience that was fluid, yet functional.
done while employed by CM Group LTD
World Bike Ride for a Reason Campaign
Print Design, Package Design
I created a campaign that included posters, ads, spoke cards and a mailer that breaks down into usable parts for the event; these range from the numbers to hang on the participants’ bikes to recyclable fenders in case it is raining during the event.
Chad Lundberg © 2012 Proposed Project
Various Posters
Concept Development, Design, Illustration, Production, Printing
Here is a small sampling of my theatre, film, and music posters that are either screen printed, letterpressed, or a combination of the two. More posters and prints will be posted to this site soon. The link in the footer or top bar presents additional posters.
Chad Lundberg © 2012
Luminosity Studio
IA, UX, UI, Front-end Dev
With the launch of a new version of Luminosity Studio, and a new brand, we developed a fleshed out showcase site that includes sales specifics, product information and a support forum for customers after they have purchased the product.
done while employed by CM Group LTD
Various Branding
Concept Development, Branding, Production
Here is a select handful of the branding projects I’ve worked on in recent years. They include logos for non-profits, products, courses and establishments. I also developed brand documents to ensure a consistent brand story throughout the deployment process.
Chad Lundberg © 2012
VS Test Elemnts DVD
IA, UX, UI, HTA Development, Package Design
I designed and developed an HTML application to be distributed via DVD to guide users through a set of labs and give them access to the resources they need in addition to a package to house the DVD for distribution.
done while employed by CM Group LTD